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Using Stereo Bluetooth Headsets for Android

Nowadays, the use of Stereo Bluetooth headsets is very common. We can use it for our Android phone. To connect it, we can read the instruction below.

How to connect it

First, we turn on the Bluetooth on the mobile phone. We can go to the setting. Then, we select the Wireless & Networks. After that, we can go to Bluetooth Setting. After turning on the Bluetooth, we hit the “Scan for Devices” button. We should remember to put the Bluetooth on the “discoverable” mode. After the Stereo Bluetooth headset discovered, we will be asked PIN number for pairing the device. We should put the same PIN number on both devices. After that, we will be able to use it and connect it automatically.

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Managing PS3 Bluetooth Headsets

One of the accessories which are needed in playing console game now is Bluetooth headsets. The PS3 Bluetooth Headsets becomes secondary favorite accessories in playing game. The Bluetooth headsets will help us listening to the sound effect, instructions, and music of the game clearer without having trouble with wire.

Step by step managing the Bluetooth device

The first thing to do when we use Bluetooth headsets for playing in PlayStation 3, we need to register the device and pair it. Besides that, we should use Bluetooth headsets which are compatible with PS3. After that, we can manage the Bluetooth headsets for proper connection.

To connect the Bluetooth headsets with PS3, we pair the headsets with the console game then, we pass the key. The pass key is part of the process in register or pair the Bluetooth device. Sometimes, this pass key is needed only for the first time pairing. Some type of Bluetooth headsets do not need pass key to pairing. We can read the information in the supplier instruction. After that, we go to setting, and then select accessory setting. Next, we select the “manage Bluetooth Devices”. If we have used the Bluetooth headset before, we will be given list of registered devices. If we use the one we have used before, we can select it.

When we have not registered the headset, we choose “register new device” then select yes. After that, we select the “star scanning”. The PS3 system will show the device that is read. Then, we select the device that we use. Next, we will complete the registration by enter the pass key, when it is needed.

The system of PS3 is only available for several devices. If we have reach the maximum number of paired devices, we should delete the one that we do not use anymore.

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How to Pairing Stereo Bluetooth Headsets on iPhone

Stereo Bluetooth Headsets may not easily connect like wired headsets. Then, we should know the manual setup for the headsets to connect.

Step by step pairing the devices

On the phone, we go to Settings app. Then, we select General, after that, we choose Bluetooth. Next, we slide the Bluetooth slider into “On”. We should not forget to turn on the Stereo Bluetooth headsets too. We also should put the Bluetooth on the “discoverable” mode. When the iPhone has discovered the headsets, we tap the device that appear and pair it. Then, we enter the PIN number. After the devices are paired, we can connect them automatically.

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Something You Guys Have To See, Check This Shopping and Product Reviews Picture Out.

Something You Guys Have To See, Check This Shopping and Product Reviews Picture Out.
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